Advantages of online advertising

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Virtually any type of advertising on the Internet gives something that advertising on TV is not capable of it is an opportunity to interact with it. And this means that the advertiser has much more opportunities to engage his audience, entertain him, immediately provides him with any additional information, answers any questions in real time and, as a result, is more likely to successfully sell his product or service to him. With Honest Reviews and tests, you will be able to have a proper idea for your product reviews online now.

Often cheaper

Honest Reviews

The cost of advertising on TV is still cheaper in terms of the cost of one contact. But small and medium businesses cannot overcome the economic barrier to entry into the TV advertising market. After all, even a relatively small budget for TV promotion starts from tens of millions of dollars.

And contextual advertising on the Internet is paid for one click. Therefore, such an advertising campaign can start with a budget of 1000 dollars (or even less). In general, the cost of contextual advertising CPC strongly depends on the topic. In non-competitive topics, it can start from 1-2 dollars per click. And in hot topics such as corporate gifts can easily reach 200-500 dollars per click.

The cost itself is regulated by the market, as the system assigns a price per click automatically, depending on the demand and the number of advertisers on this topic.

The quality of the contact and the ability to measure it

When a person watches TV, when an ad unit appears, often the first thought is the desire to go to the kitchen or to the bathroom. When a person is sitting in front of a computer or in front of the smartphone screen, his attention remains more focused, especially if he is purposefully looking for something. A paid contextual ad responds directly to its request, so it is often not ignored. Thus, the same message, for example, on TV, and on the Internet can be qualitatively different in terms of impact and ability to convey this message in its entirety.

In addition, the Internet provides an opportunity to track and measure all user interactions with the advertising message. This means that the advertiser has the ability to real-time monitor the effectiveness of their advertising messages and study the behavior of visitors to their website in order to best adapt their advertising messages, make them more effective and maximize sales per ruble spent. In the Analytics section, we will examine in more detail the key measurable indicators of the site.

Ability to tell a long story

Thanks to interactivity, advertising on the Internet with a proper organization gives you the opportunity to tell a longer story about your product or service. And the longer the story you manage to tell, the more chances you have to influence the buyer and his perception in order to sell your product to him.

Access to a young audience

As we have seen on the graph at the beginning of the article, a whole layer of people appeared, especially young people, who practically do not watch TV. Often these are people with high purchasing power. And the Internet, in their case, is one of the few marketing channels through which you can reach them.

Targeting capability

The Internet provides an opportunity to show the advertising message only to the audience in which you are really interested. And accordingly, do not spend money on everyone else. This is called targeting.