Best online shop to buy a purge mask? How the LED is operated in the mask?

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This 2020 makes an unforgettable year in this century due to the coronavirus. This pandemic spread of the virus makes every people in this world wear masks to protect themselves from the disease. Many different kinds of masks are sold in the market. But before this pandemic a very famous mask has a high market in the society THE PURGE MASK is different from other masks. click to learn more  about the purge mask.

The masks that are used to cover your full face are known as the purge mask. This mask got more famous by the purge movie. In this movie, the enemies used to wear this mask and attack the people. By its structure and quality, it is loved by many people. So they made some changes in their mask production by adding LED lights in the mask. If you use the mask at night time you can see a massive look by the LED light. This is also the main reason to buy a purge mask. Masks that are made from acrylic plastics are so hard and flexible these masks cannot be broken soon.

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Mask can be shaped according to the customer’s responsibility. There are a lot of designs that make you more interested in buying our product. You can draw the design of your mask it can be horror, smiling, and also can be any person’s face. The main advantages of plastic masks are it can be easily fixed to any faces due to its flexibility. Normal cloth mask if it dry in water the mask will apply in your face but the purge masks are made with water-resistant and it cannot hold water in it. If you dip the mask inside water as soon the mask eliminates the watery substance in it.

How much the purge mask costs?

At first purge, the mask starts its maximum price for 50 dollars, and the minimum costs up to 18 dollars. Now there are some offers for your collection. So be the first to check our models and order soon to get an additional bonus mask with your collections.

Will be there any switch to adjust the LED in the mask?

Yes, of course, you will be given a switch with your mask to adjust your LED in your mask. It can be adjusted to blink, on and off the mask.

Some of the costumes we have in our list are

Money heist mask

The purge mask

Marshmallow mask

Clown mask

With LED lights there are 8 types of masks, for example, reactive, gangster, etc…

These are some designs in our product list. To know more about our online selling and product details visit our website.

The lights in the mask are connected in a single wire with a single switch. If you feel any discomfort in LED you can separate it from the mask. And the lights in the mask can be repaired easily.

The purge mask has a sponge in it so that the person who wears the mask will not have any pressure when he wears it. Light wires are connected at the place of the chin.