Big Brand or small Business, You need a good SEO Service Provider

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One thing is crystal clear that SEO was working at the beginning of the last decade, it is still working right now, and it takes no Nostradamus to predict that SEO will still be thriving at the very end of next decade, and so on. Until of course the search engine is alive. As a small business owner, you might think that SEO isn’t exactly your cup of tea, or it will cost you huge to buy seo services , and what not! People were similarly skeptical when the very first smartphone released in the market. And see where we are now, everyone and their dog is using a smartphone right now. It sometimes feels so amazing that SEO still isn’t a mainstream thing; people are still skeptical about it, particularly small business owners. When, actually these particular people, the small business owners, can squeeze most benefit out of SEO. Search Engine Optimization, for that matter, was never and still isn’t for the big brands and fortune 500 companies. Let me explain.

The Internet is a great leveler, or is it?

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We all believe in our heart that the internet is the ultimate leveler, and that’s true. But only partially. Yes, you don’t need a shop in Harrods to take on Gucci, you can launch a website and start selling to people and take over Gucci overtime, correct? Yes, but only theoretically. Because, to take on Gucci, you need to have the same financial capacity as Gucci. They dominate the search result by buying all relevant keywords in Google Adwords and hence they can stay on top always. As long as you can’t pay more than what they are paying to Google Adwords for those relevant keywords, you have no chance. So, internet or particularly search engine, isn’t exactly the ultimate leveler, correct? It’s like the same business model as offline. Those who have more capital can spend more in the advertisement, can establish a shop in a premium place like Harrods, and at the end of the day, only they win – not you or me.

SEO is the leveler

Here comes the SEO in the picture. People like you or me or most others, we all are, in some way or form, small business owners. You might own a tire shop in Florida, I might run a tattoo parlor in New York, and somebody else probably started a web design company – we all are small business owners. When people like you or me, back then, realized that it’s not possible to take on an established business in Adwords, somebody somewhere thought – “okay, there’s no way we can compete with them in Adwords, but what about organic search result? Can we manipulate that result someway in our favor?” That’s the moment SEO was born.  So, make no mistake, SEO is all about empowering you and me, the small business owners.

SEO should never cost a bomb

Ideally, SEO should never cost you a leg and arm, period. That SEO agency, which asks for an exorbitant fee in the name of the premium package, should never be trusted. Instead of manipulating search result efficiently, they are manipulating gullible people by promising unrealistic result. Sure, you need to spend money on SEO, but that should be reasonable and affordable. You probably will be surprised to know that a tiny portion of the money, which you are spending with those so-called top SEO agencies, is used in your SEO campaign. They mostly use free or low-cost tools and use free resources. The profit margin for them is such astronomical that it’s a straight rip off. Just stay away from them and find the right SEO service provider; instead, there are plenty if you do your own research, or you can come to us directly.