Finer Choices in the Partnership Program Online

quora partner program

Obviously, if you try something that looks like crap, it makes no sense to sell it as the best in the world to get commissions. Credibility is an important factor when selling products as an affiliate, and you have to convince in your texts that you have tried the product or service and that you really liked it. The use of the quora partner program is essential there.

The Example

quora partner program

As an example, we give you this comparison (or brutal fight to the death) between SiteGround and Webempresa. As you will see, we do several tests in each of the hostings and compare them between them to determine which one is the best, and then we give my personal opinion. We couldn’t have written such a detailed article if we hadn’t tried both hostings.

Meets the affiliate program conditions

Each company that has an affiliate system has its own conditions that you must read and comply with when promoting its products or services. These conditions may be, for example, not promoting the products by email or social networks, not allowing advertising campaigns on Google Ads or social networks to get sales, expressly indicating that you are promoting the products as an affiliate, etc.

  • Failure to comply with these conditions may result in the suspension of your affiliate account, so whenever you sign up, keep an eye on them to know what you can do and what not.
  • In addition, the form and time of payment, the conditions to collect the commissions generated, etc. are also indicated.
  • In general, all kinds of information that you will be interested in knowing, and that both you and the company must comply with.

Use rel = “nofollow” in your affiliate links

  • Google has nothing against you earning money as an affiliate in your blog, but it recommends using the “nofollow” tag on all your affiliate links.
  • That is the label that has been used since 2005 when the great G created it to differentiate the links that we do not want Google robots to follow.
  • As the links to the affiliate programs are “promoted”, it is highly recommended to add this label, so that when the robot passes, it says “ok, this link is promoted, we will not take it into account, we continue with my work”.

Although recently Google has created a new label: rel = “sponsored”, which serves to indicate that a link is promoted, that it has been put there with the aim of getting financial compensation.

In principle, either of the two labels would be well placed, although by custom we will continue using rel = “nofollow”.

The more visits, the more income

This point is something obvious, but we think it never hurts to remember. As much as you promote products or services as an affiliate, if you can’t reach people, you won’t see a penny. Normally, the more you visit you get to attract your blog, the greater the chances of making money as an affiliate, and the higher the income you receive from this method. For that reason, it is important that you work well with the positioning of your website. If you don’t know very well how you can read this post about SEO for WordPress.