Finer Values for the Voice Over Acting for You

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Be on time, be collaborative, be polite to everyone. If you know a coworker who is always late for his sessions, or has a vile attitude or thinks he’s a diva and treats everyone at the studio other than his client like underwater, do not worry, it will not last very long in our business.


If you send files to the rotten sound, recorded in your kitchen on your laptop with the built-in microphone, you will miss your career before you even start. Take your time before you start professionally, and do it only when you are ready. To be pro, it also means having invested in one’s profession and have a requirement for the work that one provides. With the male voice actors you can have the perfect deals.

Keep calm and voice over

Warm-up before your session. Of course, I’m talking about your vocal cords, your mouth, your lips, but also your whole face, your neck, your shoulders, your belly, your pelvis, your buttocks and your legs.

You do not know how?

male voice actors

Youtube does not only have videos of cute kittens but also the number of tutorials that cover the subject very well!

Develop your breathing technique. Before starting to record, inhale peacefully through the nose, without forcing. Keep the air inspired for one or two seconds, then exhale through your mouth always peacefully about twice as slowly (6 seconds of expiration for 3 seconds of inspiration, 8 seconds for 4 seconds, etc.)

Before taking, inhale gently, wait for an eighth note, and then record. It makes it easier for the engineer to withdraw your inspiration. And he is to be treated as your best friend. To make his life easier, if possible, finish your sentences properly and move on to the next one as explained above.

During sessions in which several voice-over comedians are in the same booth, inhale by the mouth while your colleague’s record – inhale through the nose makes noise, which ruins the catch and you will not make friends.

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When you register, whether you are sitting or standing, use your body, not just your mouth and your tongue. Believe me, we hear the difference. Attention: we also hear the noises generated by your clothes if you gesticulate – or if you tap your thighs to support a sentence.

Speaking of movements, once seated in front of the microphone and the session started, do not move your chair. Changing location changes the sound: not good.

When you’re in a post-production studio and make a mistake, do not wait for the sound engineer or DA to interrupt your decision. Everyone makes mistakes, not to be ashamed and to act as if nothing had happened, it will not impress anyone. Stop by yourself, say why you stop if the prod or customer has not heard the error, and resume.

Beware of plosives, sibilants, fricatives

Targeted exercises and practice will allow you to eliminate them, as well as your position at the microphone. If you are in a post-production studio and the sound engineer has placed the microphone for you, do not touch his microphone. It is a cardinal sin. Your script. Do not take it in your hands. The paper, it often bursts when moved. Still about the script: prepare your session and do not hesitate to annotate it.