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Power to Choose rates

Energy, what is energy? Energy is nothing but it’s power like electricity. The electricity can consider the more electric in the form. The Energy Rate is also known as an energy power. The Power to Choose rates . We can change the energy source in coal, oil, or in nature. The energy was filled in the world, whenever we want that we can take that if we don’t want they can store that. The energy store place is called a power plant, or it’s called as a power station. We can store the electricity there. It will be connected to the electricity grid.

Power to Choose rates

Nuclear power plant

The nuclear power plant in an environmentally friendly one. It doesn’t spoil nature. It can convert uranium as fuel and it’s can continue the high level of electricity. There is 440 nuclear power plant in the world they are converting the fuel into the energy. And it does not produce greenhouse gases. In 2050 all 440 nuclear power plants must be replaced. If we want to build the nuclear power plant it can taker a longer time compared to other resources. And it takes more expensive than a lot. And it can give more energy to us.

Solar power plant

Solar energy was also known as the solar plant. A solar power plant can be used in all types. We can use it in office, or a home, of a mall, it must be easy to use them and it can store energy as for a day we can use that. In many countries, solar energy was the most important one for them. It was introduced in 1839 but we can use it for a lot of generations. And it doesn’t cost like a nuclear power plant or some other. The solar power plant was work in the heat, it means sunlight they can store and release the electricity to us. Maybe it was mostly used in China.

Wind energy

Wind energy is also called as wind power. It works with wind power. The wind energy can store the power(electricity) to us. It was introduced in 1888 it was after the solar system. It was due to the blade when the blade spin with the help of air it can converting the wind to energy, therefore. The blade has contained a lot of airflows so it helps to spin the windmill. The windmill was 40 to 90-meter size. And the feet were 100 to 300 feet.

Thermal power plant 

A thermal power plant is also called thermal energy. In the power plant, the heat was converting into electricity. There is 11 thermal power plant in the world. When the turbine rotates the power can converting in the electricity. When the coal was burned in the power plant a lot of heat will generate in that so we can convert that into the electricity. So we can use that. We can use electricity for daily usage.

Hydroelectric power plant

It is the type of power plant it can contain the force of water electricity. When the waterfall in the dam force it contains the electric power and it contains the electricity form the dam. It can store a lot of power in there. And it can be continued in the next generation for a long time