The Best of House Designs Right Now

Winter is the most unpopular season for construction. But he has a large number of positive points. For example, the low price of materials, is significantly reduced in winter. Construction organizations in winter give big discounts on various services. Finding workers at this time is much easier. A visit to makes things perfect.

But there are a number of disadvantages for the working team that will need a trailer, which must be heated, and also have electricity and a gas stove. Concrete pouring in the winter is much more expensive since it uses special technologies.

Spring construction

In the decision to start the construction of the house in the spring there are many more advantages than disadvantages. This is a small cost of materials at the beginning of the construction season, as well as their large assortment ahead of the summer with favorable weather for construction. Therefore, you can prepare for a responsible event in a relaxed atmosphere. But there are moments that can interfere with construction, for example, long winter with slush or unpredictable spring with its heavy rains.

Summer construction

Summer is the second most popular time of the year, which is chosen to start building a house. This season is usually preferred by people who are cautious, more attentive to business. Comfortable weather conditions are the main positive factor in this period.

But there are a lot of minuses at this time. In the summer, the price tag for building materials and building services reaches its peak. Compared with the spring period, it can increase by 20-30 percent. Disruptions on the supply of materials are also becoming more frequent in the summer, and there is a shortage of them at large wholesale bases or markets. It must be remembered that by the beginning of the summer period, construction companies already have closed volumes of work. Therefore, they undertake a new object with great reservations.

Construction in the fall

By early fall, there is a decrease in the cost of construction work and building materials. You can choose the right organization. But the weather factor, like in the spring, can significantly affect the cost of services, as well as plans for the upcoming construction of the house. In addition, for some works, for example, masonry, concrete or finishing there are restrictions on temperature and humidity. Given the weather conditions, it may be necessary to use various kinds of additives, additives. Conducting construction using special technologies makes the budget more voluminous.


During this period, you need to choose a construction company, find the project of the desired house, negotiate, prepare an estimate and contract. You should also carry out various related work adaptation of the project, explore the geology of the site, and obtain the necessary permits to start construction, and so on. If you build a house on your own project, then the preparation should begin at least 3 months before the start of the main work.

Investigating the ability of materials to conduct heat, we can conclude that the best option in this regard is aerated concrete or foam concrete its porous structure is best suited to retain heat in the premises. It is for this reason, and yet due to its small mass, this material was widely used in private construction.