The importance of sport in the growth of children


Sport is a fundamental experience in the life of growing children. It can be practiced starting from 3 years, to favor a balanced and harmonious development of the body, skeleton, muscles, and joints of the infant. In 먹튀신고 this is very important.

Thanks to the various sports, from team sports to individual sports, your children will find excellent opportunities for fun and socialization, as well as real schools of life, which will teach them to know and take care of their body, to have the respect of rules and others.

Since they are young, our children run the risk of settling down in an excessively sedentary lifestyle : in the first age of development , when their skeletal system and muscles are being formed and are going through the fundamental growth process, it is therefore it is important to get them used to an active life , by having them practice sport .

  • Sport, used for the education of young people since the earliest centuries of classical culture and civilization, can in fact become a useful tool to foster the growth of our children and guarantee their bodies a state of well being and a mental predisposition to practice of life in the open air, of movement and sociability, of which they will treasure in the years of maturity.

Practicing a sport as a child provides us with a precious wealth of experiences, not only motor but also psychological, which will leave a positive and lasting trace in our body and our spirit. For this reason, an adult who has played sports as a child is generally more predisposed to resume exercising and sports in adulthood and to let his children do so, too, so that they can also benefit from the benefits associated with playing sports.

Fight against a sedentary lifestyle


In the frantic In addition to spending many hours sitting, standing and paying attention while in class and doing homework, there is a tendency to move more and more by car and less and less on foot and by bicycle, sometimes for fear of parents but more often for a form of laziness.

Furthermore, the constant presence in our homes of digital tools such as television, mobile phones, tablets and consoles end up being irresistible temptations, which will lead them to spend their free time indoors, staring at a screen rather than going outdoors, to go to training, to the camp or to the park to socialize and play with other children.

To counteract this tendency to a sedentary lifestyle which, combined with bad eating habits , such as snacks and soft drinks, can cause overweight and childhood obesity, physical activity and sport are the most effective and positive solution.

Why play sports from an early age: physical benefits

Besides being a social practice, fun and educational for our son, the sport practiced in the pediatric age also has positive implications on his health and his development, from a physical and structural point of view.

First of all, sport, thanks to the exercises, the efforts, and the movements it involves, favors a regular and balanced development of the bony and skeletal apparatus, as well as a reinforcement of the muscle fibers. At the cellular and internal functioning level, sport and motor activity can contribute to activating and regularizing the metabolism, regulating circulation and blood pressure, collaborating in the harmonious development of organs and other parts of the body.