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The computer tool is a significant advance in technology that has evolved considerably over time. The computer is true of great help in intervening daily in our activities. These revolutionary tools, however, are exposed to limits that prevent their operation. How to react when his PC does not start anymore?

Several factors can cause a computer to no longer start and against these problems, there are both simple and complex solutions. Discover how to deal with these situations. With the computer services in kaunas now you can come up with the best choices.

The likely reasons that your PC does not start anymore

computer services in kaunas

The computer is a very important machine that can process a lot of information about different data. Although they have great capabilities, they are not immune to attacks of various forms that can cause startup failures. There are several reasons your machine will not start anymore. These problems can be of two main forms.

The first concerns failures for which the machine does not start and fails to execute the POST (Power on Self Test). The second case of startup error concerns the case where the machine starts, but cannot load the system. While the first type of failure is usually related to hardware problems, the difficulties in loading the base software can be as much a consequence of hardware or software failure. However, the diodes of the machine can be good indicators to locate the origin of a breakdown.

Difficulties in finding the system

Before providing solutions to the problems of starting your machine, it is useful to know beforehand the troubles that may be the cause of these situations. Even after running POST on the machine you are not reassured that your system is booting. This situation usually occurs when the machine no longer detects the system installed on a storage medium. It can be related to a failure of the hard disk. When your hard drive is damaged, it may lose the information it contains or makes some data inaccessible. These devices are particularly sensitive to shocks.

If you turn on a PC and it no longer detects the installed system, your last use may have been fatal. Indeed, the operating system is quite sensitive and some actions can damage some of its files causing its failure. Poor handling with given programs, deleting system folders, or any other changes to the system can cause it to disappear. Similarly, malware and viruses can, without you realizing it, slowly destroy your system to the point of annihilating it.

Problems related to POST

The Power OnSelf Test (POST) is the very first process of turning on a computer. It is still called boot and its execution uses the BIOS of the motherboard to verify the presence of all the necessary components for operation. After POST, the BIOS then hands over to the operating system that is responsible for performing all other tasks. Thus, when a machine is turned on, the failure or absence of an essential component of the machine is automatically detected and prevents the machine from starting.

Similarly, the presence of an external device that generates conflicts with the system blocks the startup of the machine. Thus, several material causes can be the cause of the non-starting of your machine. A diagnosis through various tests helps to determine the exact cause and remedy it.