Things to know before you purchase 3D Printer

3D Printing

The 3D printer is undoubtedly a high-tech machine that is transforming manufacturing processes and creating unique and unique designs. This equipment is already widely used for a variety of industrial, medical, dental, household, business, advisory, educational and other industries that we would not have imagined a short time ago. Even so, a big and common question for anyone who wants to start in this universe of possibilities is the right choice. Buying a 3D printer for 3D Printing is not simple and professionals have created this Official Guide of the best choice to help you.

3D Printing

This powerful machine has many features, models, sizes, plastic limitations, qualities and many other things to consider before purchase. Keep in mind that if you want to buy a car you must research and understand your need, in the 3d printer there are many important factors to know and take into consideration. There is no basic recipe, but after reading the entire article, we consider that you will be able to fully evaluate the best cost-effective 3d printer for you.

That’s why we’ve come up with this complete guide with all the relevant information for you to make the right 3d printer decision for your business, your business, or yourself. You need to work with the following themes:

  • Applications or purpose
  • Workplace
  • Investment
  • Available equipment and its characteristics
  • Filament Requirements
  • Provider
  • Maintenance
  • Printing Software

After reading this article, you will be ready to choose the best 3d printer model for your specific case so that you can enjoy every opportunity.

Critical analysis

We currently have in the domestic and foreign market many models of 3D printers, with various features, sizes, volumes, features and also prices that vary widely. You can find strengths and positives as well as negatives in the various options offered. To find out which 3D printer will best suit you, your business, or the company you work for, you need to look at some important fundamentals before making a purchase decision. They will guide you through the available models and prevent you from spending too much, printing parts within your expectation of quality and time on the right plastic material for your project.

Below are these important analyzes:

Purpose of the pieces

One of the first points of this analysis is to understand what kind of parts you need to print, what is the purpose of applying this 3d object. This question is of utmost importance in defining the materials to be used, size, required features, and software for working with this printer. In this critical way you will guide your decision on which 3D printer to purchase.

So that we can have practical and quick help, we have designed a series of questions that must be answered and analyzed. Try to answer from your partner, manager, or a trusted technical friend:

How big are the pieces to be printed?

Size is very subjective if we stick to the word big and small. Keep in mind that printer size is directly linked to price.

Different sizes of 3D printed parts

Maybe you will only print small pieces about 4 cm, circular at the base, but the number of pieces to be replicated is large. A 20 x 20 flatbed printer could deliver you up to 16 pieces at a time, whereas a 30 × 30 flatbed printer could deliver 28 pieces at the same time. You would avoid having to restart many prints. Every new setup or start of printing requires a warm-up time and parts removal.