Why you should choose them instead of others

Motel 6

To explore the real beauty and soul of the USA you should consider a road trip across the vast area of it instead of visiting some predetermined tourist spots. A road trip would allow you to go through less traveled places and have some unique experiences. You’ll experience busy urban life in crowded cities, as well as, will explore the breathtaking natural landscapes of the countryside. We will talk about the best motel chain available in the USA for you to stay at night, Motel 6 , but we are coming to that part later.

Motel 6

However, A long road trip across the USA can be costly though. First of all, you have to rent a car, and the car needs to be capable enough to handle various kind of terrains and weather. Then you need an adequate supply of gas. Gas price in the USA is on the cheaper side compared with the rest of the world, but that still adds up. Moreover, the cost of food and other essential things can be varied vastly along the way depending on the particular area and the availability. Also, you will need safe and comfortable places to stay at night.

There are many options for you; however, if you want something which won’t burn your pocket, there are plenty of cheap motels you will always find on the way. These motels are usually clean, provides safety and comfortable night-stay which you’ll need after that all-day driving.

One can think that spending in a motel room is unnecessary and instead choose other low-cost options like Airbnb. You can go camping too, the best part that’s free. Or even you can sleep in your car if you have a really tight budget.

While Airbnb is a great option, it has its own set of problems. On the other hand, camping in an unknown area, or sleeping in your car is not a good choice even if your budget is low; these can be dangerous in terms of safety and security.

However, if you consider all pros and cons, you’ll see that nothing can match a motel room, it’s the only option which provides safety, security, and comfortable place at an affordable price.

There are plenty of choices all over the USA if you, at last, decided to stay at a motel room. Trust me, it’s a wise choice, and at the same time, it’s affordable for even people with tight budget. Motel 6 is such a nation-wide chain of motels spread across the USA and Canada. This is one motel chain where they strive to keep their price as low as possible when providing their guests a sufficient level of amenities and comfort for those short stays.

Why Motel 6 is the best:

Motel 6 rooms, across the country, are comfortable with all the modern facilities. You have to keep in mind that Motel 6 is not your usual hotel where you get free wifi access and complimentary soap, shampoo bottle, or even a free breakfast. Those things are available of course, but for an additional price. Nothing is free there except the most basic things like a clean, comfortable and warm bed – well, what else you need after that long day travel? So, it’s a good thing that they don’t provide free wifi access and keep their price really low, cause you’re not going to use that anyway.