Conveyancing Fees Calculator

conveyancing calculator

Whether you’re wanting to shop for, sell, or remortgage your home, our transference calculator can offer you with associate degree estimate supported our legal fees. conveyancing calculator is where we tend to square measure committed to providing competitive fees while supplying you with the peace of mind of a completely clear service:

  • No hidden extras
  • Fixed prices for our fees
  • No referral or commission fees
  • No completion no fee
  • Price comparison service

No hidden extras mounted prices for our fees

We would prefer to assure you that we tend to don’t have any ‘hidden extras’ and therefore the fee quoted within the calculator is our full fee unless you specifically request that we tend to undertake extra work, or if you choose any facultative searches and/or the unfruitful dealing insurance.

No referral or commission fees

conveyancing calculator

We can assure you that we tend to don’t work with any agents UN agency could ‘refer’ your work to different Solicitors so as to get a referral fee.

No Completion No Fee

We square measure able to supply associate degree policy which can, inbound circumstances, cowl you for up to £1,500.00 of your prices and expenses if the dealing doesn’t proceed. this is often associate degree facultative insurance and you’re below no obligation to get constant, however, if you are doing would like to proceed with this then it should be placed in situ and acquired at the time we tend to receive your directions. the price of this insurance is £56.00 and is collectible to a 3rd party underwriter.

You will have an obsessive case handler with an on the spot line signal and direct email so you’ll be able to continually get in-tuned with the one who is engaged on your behalf thus you may haven’t any issues regarding your dealing being passed to many completely different members of the Department.

Price Comparison Service

We appreciate that you simply could speak to many solicitors to get a thought of worth. while we tend to do feel that our fees square measure extraordinarily competitive we tend to square measure happy to debate any comparable quotes you have got received wherever the legal fees (not opposition disbursements) square measure not up to ours. while we tend to cannot guarantee that we are going to be able to cut back our fees to match the other quote we tend to feel this service could assist you to grasp what you’re paying for and why.

The problem you face

Many transference quotes square measure dead set trick you, thus be warned!

Because transference has become such a competitive business, several corporations use tricks to form their transference quotes look cheaper than they really square measure.

This is your guide to what prices ought to (and ought to not) be enclosed in an internet (or off-line) quote.

This data can stop you from being ripped off.

The truth regarding fees

The key insight to understanding once buying transference is this…

Accurate quotes ought to have 2 parts:

Part #1 – The conveyancer’s basic fee

This is the essential price of your solicitor’s time (and expertise) to process your dealing.

It will vary loads between corporations (a unfold of £500 isn’t unusual).

For currently simply detain mind 2 points:

High price doesn’t mechanically equal higher service.

Anything too low cost ought to ring alarm bells.