Smart Mask for the Best Halloween Party Options

We resisted for years at the Halloween party, which until a few years ago was considered by many to be just another trend to be imported from America. But this did not happen. For a few months now, The Purge has appeared, referring to the film series with the same name. Violence, secrets, and a hint of social criticism are the ingredients of the success of this series set in a despotic America. Beyond the reasons for its success, the program offers a number of possibilities for Halloween that cannot be ignored. Maleficent nuns, fake dolls or cruel statues of freedom, ready to release their tension on that one day of the year where everything is allowed. The is always there for you.

Halloween: “The family is forever.”

Once snubbed or silent about conveying a violent and gloomy message, today Halloween is a party loved by adults and children, who are no longer limited to improvised or home-made disguises. Year after year, the occasions that celebrate the night of witches have increased drastically, as have the gadgets and accessories that are needed to deal with the right dress code for the long night of October 31st.

But how to create a horror-themed disguise that involves the whole family without spending a fortune?

It’s easier than you think. The cinema, in particular, offers a wide range of possible choices, more or less complicated to achieve. In many cases then, one need not fear, it will not be necessary to buy an entire costume, but it will be enough to limit oneself to some accessory or wig.

The cinema has dissected the Halloween theme in all its facets, becoming, rightly, one of the major inspirations. It is not necessary to go in search of an entire family, but combining different characters will also have a unique and overwhelming effect.

An example?

The adults or the couple could take on the role of a clown, but bloody, like the one, brought to the theaters by Steven Spielberg or Michael Myers, to embody the role of the serial killer on October 31st. And for children? Definitely something softer, but not too much. Let’s not forget that we talk about the night of mysteries. We then abandon the more classic masks and try with Chucky or offer the children the clothes of Annabelle. The cinematic references will certainly not leave indifferent cinephiles.

The TV Series

The TV series, in recent times, are often cult works, with ranks of loyal supporters who would never lose an episode. Like any other custom phenomenon, even in this case, the gadgets, and among these, the costumes quickly become the object of desire. In many cases, wearing the role of a darling won’t have such a high cost. The litmus test of the success of these formats is the considerable number and, in continuous increase, of disguises that inspire them.

Two cases among all

There are The Walking Dead and La Casa di carat. Let’s start with the man. To take on the role of courageous Rick, just buy a sheriff’s costume with a hair. For Daryl, another indisputable protagonist, a toy crossbow and a beautiful wig with a nice tuft of course.